The Lightweaver

The Lightweaver is the elemental god of Light dragons in the world of Flight Rising.


The Lightweaver is the deity of the Light flight.

She was brought into being during the first age, when the constant warring of the Earth, Air, Water, and Fire dieties began to even effect the rituals of night and day.

As the four clashed, the magic essences that were kicked up during the day hovered high in the sky, baking in the sunlight. They soon coalesced into their own bright deity. The Lightweaver had only just come into existence, and was already annoyed by the violence that smashed across the realm. Her section of the world tower was the eighth, at the very top.

After the desctriction of the world tower, she was the first to awaken. She resides with her flight in the Sunbeam Ruins, where they follow scholarly pursuits and live a safe, carefree life. She is somewhat pious but is overall a good-natured and benevolent ruler.