The Arcanist

The Arcanist is the elemental god of Arcane dragons in the world of Flight Rising.


The Arcanist is a man-made deity, a result of the technological advancements of the Second Age, during which humans were able to build a machine capable of generating magical energy. He was born from the explosion that was created when the machine malfunctioned and destroyed civilization.

He is extremely intelligent, with extraordinary senses. The pursuit of knowledge is his highest priority, as his first experiences in the world was one of unprecedented freedom, with access to forgotten knowledge and lost cities. After learning everything he could from the ruins around him, he made his home in an abandoned observatory, to document the stars and discover new worlds.

During this time, after a decade of studying the universe, he spotted an unfamiliar darkness in the midst of space, traveling at incredible speeds. He could not make out exactly where it was in proximity to his own planet, and decided to climb to the top of the World Pillar to get a better look. Upon reaching the top, he began to communicate with the darkness using magic, as he noticed it was responding to his movements, interpreting this as a way of communicating with the heavens. The darkness then engulfed the sky and robbed him of his powers. The Arcanist managed to jump off the pillar before it was destroyed by the Shade, reawakening the dragons that sealed themselves within.