Stinkdragon from "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons"

Stinkdragons are a species of dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell. They are primarlly featured in "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons".


COLOURS: A very gaudy orange, with big black stripes

ARMED WITH: A smell so disgusting it makes you fall over... 6

DEFENCES: See above... 6

HUNTING ABILITY: Pretty good, I think, nobody gets near enough to check... 3

SPEED: Not particularly quick... 2

FEAR AND FIGHT FACTOR: Nobody is TERRIFIED of Stinkdragons, because they can't actually KILL you, but people tend to leave them alone... 4


Stinkdragon from "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons"

A Stinkdragon's defence is very similar to that of a skunk. Disturb it, or make it feel as if it is in danger and it wil open its mouth and spray out a stinky mist that drenches its victim. If a Stinkdragon 'stinks' you, nobody will come near you for at least a week. Indeed, for the first 48 hours, the smell is so indescribably awful that it is almost physically impossible to approach you.