Athletic Adult

Adult Athletic Dragon

The Athletic Dragon is a rare dragon in the game Dragon Story. It is available at level 7. It can be purchased from the market for 700 gold or bred.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Baby Form: Athletic Dragons are born to compete! They make no distinction between sporting event and random activity - whatever the task, they go for the gold. Walk next to one, and watch it strain to stay in the lead; share a meal with your Athletic Dragon, and it will make itself puke trying to finish first.

Juvenile Form: Young Athletic Dragons can be exhausting to raise. Caretakers are encouraged to ignore their fits of random competition, to teach them how to relax. However, even when they do relax, they will attempt to relax harder than you, and faster, whatever that means.

Adult Form: By now, your Athletic Dragon should be larger than you. This is a key turning point in their development. Now the dragon can stop competing with you compulsively, and you can get to know each other. Caretakers should still arrange the occasional scrimmage.

Epic Form: Epic Form Athletic Dragons, or 'Gold Medals' as they are commonly called, represent the apex of Draconic ability. Throughout the millennia, records for flight, strength, speed and swim have all been won by individual Athletic Dragons, who committed their lives to perfecting a single skill.