Aether Adult

Adult Aether Dragon

The Aether Dragon is a super rare dragon in the game Dragon Story. It is available at level 10. It can be purchased from the market for 990 gold or bred.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Baby Form: It's well known that every human, plant, animal, rock, and even every dragon is composed of the same atomic matter, the same tiny pieces that were forged in centers of stars and blasted out across the cosmos, but only the mysterious Aether Dragon embodies this energy and instinctively senses this connection between all things.

Juvenile Form: As Aether Dragons mature, their instinctual sense of the cosmic connection between all things sharpens. As a result, Aether Dragons slowly stop experiencing time. They no longer see the present moment, but all moments; not a breakfast of Fireapples, but all the breakfasts of all the Firapples.

Adult Form:When you gaze long into the wings of an Adult Aether Dragon, the Adult Aether Dragon will gaze back at you, because it's pretty annoying when people do that. Having wings that are windows into the cosmos can be a problem for a dragon who's trying to tell you it's hungry.

Epic Form: It's said that a map of the universe is etched on the inside of every Aether Dragon egg, visible only to the growing baby. Epic Form Aether Dragons are able to see the map through the eyes of their younger selves. They look for dark places in the universe and forge within their hearts brilliant stars that will one day shine in those voids.